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While the cost of Invisalign depends on the treatment plan, we strive to make finding your perfect smile affordable. That's why we offer flexible payment plans and work with most insurance companies. Your Invisalign treatment could really be as low as $5,199!

PLUS, for a limited time, our new Invisalign patients will receive FREE teeth whitening*!

Dr. Bonney has helped over 800 patients find their perfect smile with Invisalign!  Learn More About 'Nbraces

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* Teeth whitening service is a $200 value and will be provided at the conclusion of Invisalign treatment once the account has been paid in full.


Invisalign VS. Braces

Why choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

Traditional Braces

Invisible    Invisible Invisalign aligners are invisible and made of BPA-free clear plastic.    Not Invisible Traditional adult braces are visible and made with metal brackets and wires.

Removable Aligners    Removable Removable aligners promote better dental health with regular brushing and flossing.    Not Removable Braces can often lead to plaque buildup, sores inside the mouth, and tooth discoloration.

Comfortable    Comfortable Invisalign aligners are smooth and comfortable.    Cause Irritation The metal and wire brackets can cause mouth irritation.

Easy to Clean    Easy to Clean They are easy to clean – just remove and rinse!    Difficult to Clean Braces often require more tools and time to clean efficiently.

No Food Restrictions    No Food Restrictions Because the aligners are removable, there are no restrictions on the foods you can enjoy.    Variety of Food Restrictions In order to prevent damage to your brackets and wires, there are a variety of food restrictions.

Minimal Appointments    Minimal Appointments There are very few, short visits that are required throughout treatment.    Frequent Lengthy Visits Visits during treatment are lengthy and more frequent, adding to the cost of braces.

  Invisalign® Braces

Invisible Invisible Not Invisible

Removable Aligners Removable Not Removable

Comfortable Comfortable Can Cause Irritation

Easy to Clean Easy to Clean Difficult to Clean

No Food Restrictions No Food Restrictions Variety of Food Restrictions

Minimal Appointments Minimal Appointments Frequent Lengthy Visits

Dr. Bonney

About 'Nbraces & Dr. Bonney:

  • Efficient and accommodating office in Camp Hill, PA.
  • Exceptionally flexible payment plans available.
  • Dr. Bonney's caring nature and sincere interest in helping others achieve their perfect smile has inspired many clients to seek care at our practice.
  • Dr. Bonney is a VIP Invisalign Provider, which is the highest level that an Invisalign provider can achieve, and has treated over 800 cases!
  • Our advanced technology and Dr. Bonney's caring approach set us apart from other practices in the area.
  • Our orthodontic practice has been serving patients since 1997.

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